Dark Psychology

Image Source: Shutterstock.com A branch of psychology called “dark psychology” explores the darker, more evil side of human nature and focuses on how and why people can employ manipulative techniques that are damaging to others in order to further their own agendas. It examines characteristics and actions linked to deceit, coercion, exploitation, and other negative …

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Abnormal or unusual alteration of speech patterns. DYSPROSODY: “Dysprosody is an unusual pattern of stress or intonation.”


The development of the skeleton that is effected by hereditary factors or due to improper care after birth. Usually sen in the skull and face. It includes Crouzon’s syndrome and Treacher Collins syndrome. DYSOSTOSIS: “Joe suffered from dysostosis due to genetical factors.”


An abnormality in the sense of taste. DYSGEUSIA: “Dysgeusia can occur during pregnancy, eating disorders and prior to a seizure.”


A dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system that includes impairment, failure or an over activity of the sympathetic or parasympathetic functioning. Also called autonomic dysfunction- autonomic neuropathy. Also called familial dysautonomia. DYSAUTONOMIA: “Dysautonomia effects the sympathetic or parasympatheitc nervous system”


A model of behaviour and personality where development depends on a continuous and reciprocal interaction with the environment. DYNAMIC INTERACTIONISM: “Dynamic interactionism looks at behaviour and personality.”


The external or internal condition that causes and event to occur. DETERMINANT: “A determinant is behind any event.”


Using negative methods to resolve interpersonal disagreements. Compare constructive conflicy resolution. DESTRUCTIVE CONFLICT RESOLUTION: “Destructive conflict resolution uses negative methods such as threats and coersion to solve disagreements.”


The numerical index used to describe a feature of data. DESCRIPTIVE STATISTIC: “The descriptive statistic is the numerical index used to describe a feature of data.”


A disease or disorder of the skin. See psychocutaneous disorder. DERMATOLOGICAL DISORDER: “Joe had a dermatological disorder called exzema.”

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