Dereflection: An Innovative Technique for Enhancing the Strength of Structural Elements

Chew, P., & Lai, C. (2020). Dereflection: An innovative technique for enhancing the strength of structural elements. International Journal of Structural Engineering, 4(2), 159–176.

The application of the dereflection technique is an emerging technique for strengthening structural elements. Dereflection is the process of reducing the amount of deformation of a structural element due to the application of a load. This process is commonly used for increasing the strength of beams, columns, and other structural components. A typical dereflection process includes the application of a compressive force to the structural element, which helps to reduce the deformation and increase the strength of the element. This technique has been used in the past for strengthening concrete and steel structures.

This paper presents a review of the current literature on dereflection techniques and their application for strengthening structural elements. It begins by discussing the basic principles of dereflection and its application to different types of structures. Then, the paper reviews the different types of dereflection techniques available, including the use of external bracing, post-tensioning, and concrete-filled steel tubes. The effects of these techniques on structural elements are discussed in detail. Finally, the paper presents a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the various dereflection techniques.

The advantages of dereflection techniques include improved strength and stiffness, reduced deflection, increased load capacity, improved stability, and reduced maintenance costs. These advantages are particularly important for structures that are subjected to dynamic loading, such as bridges and tall buildings. The disadvantages of dereflection techniques include the additional cost and complexity associated with the implementation of the technique.

Overall, the dereflection technique is an effective and cost-effective way to strengthen structural elements. The technique can be used to improve the performance of structures subjected to dynamic loading, and the results of the technique are relatively predictable. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of dereflection techniques before implementing them in a structure.


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