Resource Teacher: A Role for Supporting Struggling Students

Resource teachers are a valuable asset to any school system, providing a variety of services to help struggling students. Resource teachers work closely with students who have a variety of learning challenges, from physical, mental, and emotional disabilities, to learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and developmental delays. This article will discuss the role of the resource teacher and provide strategies for successful implementation of this important role.

The Role of the Resource Teacher

Resource teachers provide a variety of services to students who are struggling in the classroom. These services can include providing specialized instruction, developing individualized education plans (IEPs), collaborating with other staff members to provide support, and providing emotional support to students. Resource teachers also help to identify and address underlying issues that may be causing the student’s academic struggles. They work closely with the student’s family to ensure that he or she is receiving the necessary support and services.

Resource teachers are typically certified special education teachers who have completed additional training in specific areas, such as learning disabilities, autism, emotional disabilities, and behavioral issues. They are also familiar with the legal and ethical aspects of providing special education services.

Strategies for Successful Implementation

In order to ensure successful implementation of the resource teacher role, it is important to provide the necessary training and support to the resource teacher and other school staff. This includes providing ongoing professional development opportunities, developing a shared understanding of the resource teacher’s role, and creating a supportive learning environment for the resource teacher.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that the resource teacher has access to the necessary resources and technology to effectively support students. This includes access to adaptive technology, such as specialized software and devices, as well as access to up-to-date research on learning disabilities and other areas of special education.


Resource teachers are a valuable asset to any school system, providing a wide range of services to support struggling students. The role of the resource teacher must be clearly defined, and the necessary training and resources must be provided in order to ensure successful implementation of this role. By providing the necessary support and resources, resource teachers can help students to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


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