noun. realistically, fear of the market, marked by dread pertaining to being in areas or circumstances for worry of having out of control worry signs or a panic attack. Hesitation is customarily concentrated on worry of being incapable of abstaining from a circumstance from which getting away might be nearly impossible or to handle the worry symptoms which might stem from exposure to the matter. The kinds of circumstances which are warded off consist of waiting in line, standing in a mass group of people, and riding on a bus or train, or in a car. Agoraphobia might join panic disorder, where a sufferer is afflicted with unforeseen panic attacks, or it might take place in lieu of panic disorder, whenever a sufferer worries that symptoms similar to panic or limited indicator attacks however hasn’t sustained complete panic attacks. Reference: anxiety disorders.

AGORAPHOBIA: “Janice’s agoraphobia only became worse over the years with her family enabling her- she was able to stay inside her home year-round only leaving for trips to the doctor.”
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