Psychological Scale 1: A Tool for Measuring Attitudes Toward Mental Health Issues

Mental health is a growing area of interest in psychology, and psychological scale 1 (PS1) is a tool that has been developed to assess attitudes and beliefs related to mental health issues. This scale is designed to measure the degree to which an individual is experienced in recognizing and understanding the symptoms of various mental health disorders and their associated treatments. The current study aimed to evaluate the reliability and validity of PS1.


This study was conducted with a sample of 250 participants, all of whom were aged 18 and above. Participants were recruited from a variety of settings, including college campuses, mental health clinics, and online forums. Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire that included PS1 as well as measures of socio-demographics.


The results of the study indicated that PS1 had good internal consistency, with a Cronbach’s alpha of .90. Additionally, the scale had good construct validity, as evidenced by significant correlations between PS1 and other measures of mental health attitudes (r = .50, p

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